Black Man Shits in Stewart's Mouth

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Description: While sucking off a hung 20-something young black man last week he said something that surprised me, he told me: "lay down and open your mouth, I've gotta shit." Not knowing what to say, I did what I had to do, I obeyed and sure enough, he squats over my face and fills my mouth in the most disgusting thing 'Ive ever done on camera. As I layed there, my face partially covered in his shit, he told me to state my full name etc, and I did. I have never been able to refuse a black man ever, no matter what he might tell me to do, I know I exist to serve them in any way possible. I'm sure many will think much less of me now, and it's ok, I am what I am and I always will be. Now a visually confirmed shit eater is how all who know me will forever see me for the rest of my life and beyond. And that's cool! Anyway, the black man did let me finish giving my blowjob that earned a cum facial from him too. Then after he left, I couldn't resist eating more of his shit from the floor. It's all in this video, see for yourself. I hope most of you like it.